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Nylon Carpet

Our range of Nylon carpet

We have on display over 100 ranges of different quality nylon carpets in twist, plush, loop cut loop and loop textures.

The new Redbook Green and Stainmaster Pet Protect range of carpets include new exciting warranties including:

Lifetime Stain Protection Warranty
Protects against most common household food and beverage spillages

Lifetime Full-Pet Warranty
Protects against stains from domestic pets

Lifetime Soil Protection Warranty
Protects against soil build up

25 Year Wear Resistance Warranty
Protects against pile fibre loss, given normal domestic wear

25 Year Colourfast Warranty
Protects against fading and ozone damage

Lifetime Anti-Static Warranty
Protects against soil build up

Lifetime Manufacturer’s Defects Warranty
Warrants against manufacturing defects for the life of the carpet

There is a good range of styles, colours and textures.